[dropcap3 color=”green”]F[/dropcap3]or over 30 years American artist John Paul Strain has been amazing art collectors with his unique talent of capturing moments in time from the early days of the American Frontier, the glory and pageantry of the American Civil War, to contemporary scenic and romantic locations across the world.

From the early age of 21, Mr. Strain’s paintings were represented by Trailside Galleries, America’s most prestigious western art gallery.  For 15 years his beautiful landscapes, wild life paintings, and depictions of Indian life were represented by most every major western art gallery and top art auctions in the United States.

In 1991 Mr. Strain broadened his subjects to include historical art of  the American Civil War.  During the next 17 years Mr. Strain focused his work on the world of daring horseback raids and epic battles with great armies and leaders, capturing and preserving a unique era in history.  Over these period of years, Mr. Strain became known as America’s leading historical artist.

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