Secondary Art Market

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The secondary market is largely operated by retail galleries, and is where limited edition prints are bought and sold by collectors after the edition is sold out at the publisher. Prices are governed by supply and demand on the open market but are generally above the original published price. Please contact dorMail Gallery & Frame Shoppe directly for approximate secondary market prices.

As a service to collectors, dorMail Gallery & Frame Shoppe occasionally obtains secondary market prints from previous clients. The prints may be framed or unframed. All secondary market art is sold in perfect condition.

The Arrival at Fort Leavenworth AP
Peace With Honor
Army of the West
Never A Complaint
The Farewell
Duty Calls
Plans For the Future
The Commander
First Sergeant
Wedding at West Point
Stay & Fight it Out
Running the Gauntlet
The Homecoming
The Premonition
The Promise
Breaking Camp
Lifeline to Victory
Council of War
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Blind Pursuit
Day of Honor
(almost any print)
Spirit of the Grizzly
Doubled Back
Prayer for the Wild Things
When the Wind had Wings
Music in the Wind
Three More for Breakfast
Scouts Out
Advance Charge S/N
Advance Charge S/N, Signed Colin Powell
Canyon Lands
Charging the Challenger
Children of the Raven
Comanche trail
Crossing the Divide w/Book
Following the Herd
The From the Rim
Headed North
Hoka Hey- Sioux War Cry
Forbidden Land
In Pursuit of the White Buffalo
In the Land of the Ancient One
In the Land of the Sparrow Hawk People
In the Pass
The Long Column
Los Diablos
Out of the Mist They Came
Race With the Hostiles
Red Bull’s War Party
Sabre Charge
Scouting the Long Knives
Snow Moon
Chiticahua Raiders
Big Medicine
Before the Charge
Attack on the Wagon Train
Apache Trackers
Apache Scout
Along the West Fork
After the Dust Storm
A Time of Decision

Obydikes Tigers
Men of Arkansas
The Day is Ours
Lewis and Clark Expedition
The Gathering Storm
Rose Hill Raid
We’ll Never Forget
Timber Jack Joe
Portrait of a Sioux
At a Mountain Man’s Wedding
Old Saddle in the Snow
Sheep Skull in Drift
Old Sod House
Men of Iron